Saturday, May 5, 2018

I will......

Life is a bubble with an infinite number of points of direction of choice. An infinite number of ways for you to participate and you get to choose. When you have choice you are the master of your own participation. Do not put into the world what you do not want to participate with.

This is a period of great change. Many things that worked in the past no longer do, but there are new and different ways waiting to be discovered.

Security does not come from planning for tomorrow. Security comes by knowing you will cope with tomorrow,

Food for Thought from Thomas A. Edison:


                        “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up.

                          The most certain way to succeed is

                          always to try just one more time.”

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Elevate fear-neutralize it

Hope!  Hope happens on the other side of fear. We might wonder 'why does someone think that way?' and we may judge that they are wrong and what we believe is right. If we think something is 'bad' then we pull it in so we can see it. Because we think something is bad, we begin not to trust anyone and we are alone and have less joy in our lives. Bad attracts bad and good attracts good. Sometimes we have to go through some bad to get to good and this is what is happening now in world. 

Elevate fear to 'concern' or 'mere interest'. We make judgements about everything because of our past. 'Wait and see' is the best way to neutralize. If we neutralize what is happening and even if the outcome is not perfect, we can take a step forward away from helplessness into hope.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Hope & Joy

     With the emotion of hope and the emotion of joy, they mix in your brains in a very similar way.  So if you have hope, joy is possible.  If you have joy, hope is possible.  The two are linked together.  It's almost impossible  to have one without the other.  So you can count on that.
       Hope and Joy live in every opportunity.  Every opportunity.  Joy requires creativity.  It requires surprise.  So whether you like it or not, your choices and participations are creative and almost always insure hope & joy.