Friday, April 26, 2013

Things To Consider When

It is in many ways our culture validates sacrifice and sometimes encourages people to give up their dreams for the sake of others. Nothing will disempower a person quicker. Whether it is done for approval or because of a desire to be loved and looked after, it diminishes a person when they do not choose to live their own lives. This insidious pattern  which negates its growth and happiness-- resentment runs deep, as blame and guilt are acted out in a punishing and nasty cycle.

Everyone and everything without exception, is attracted to your energy.

Things happen. Clues drop in all around; however, sometimes they creep past like shy animals, sometimes they fall on you from above and sometimes they penetrate your armor like a weapon. Sometimes because of our fears we avoid confrontations or difficulties. What this means is that words have power. They can hurt us or heal us.

Openly acknowledge the pain of our past hurts and release the grief we carry. You have to go through the things you need to go through. Everything that appears before your life is to be experienced to the fullest. The situation is now your mentor..

Or you can realize that the situation has left you feeling sad. It is okay to express your emotions. Allow yourself  to just feel. Respect this. Honor what yo are feeling. Allow yourself to cry over the this sadness, removing the energy from your chest and by doing so, you stop focusing upon it.

Acceptance is only part of the process. It is here that you will learn and evolve. And your new realization might be; A new day. New beginnings. Oh good, something changes.

A Thought for the Day

Recognize that today is unlike any other day you ever had.

Friday, April 19, 2013


Most concepts that we hold dear are precious to us and not because they are true, but because we wish them to be true. One way or the other, the challenges of daily life teach us about cause and effect, action and reaction..

Explore the way you think. Explore the way you live. And recognize how we  commingle with life.

Life is how we make it. And everyday we are different. Our energy is different. Everyday is a new day.
Work for a better life. Everything has a purpose. Live inside our purpose.

IF  you are willing, the most incredible thing occurs. Your mind, hold onto an "old" belief, changes, and  you see a whole new world. Shift your thinking. Shift your thought process.

A renewed respect for all of life, and a deepened understanding of the inter relatedness of everything. We are interconnected with all of life and to one another. Honor one another. The power to act with integrity with all of our relationships; from marriage to friendships to professional bonds.

Therefore, Live your life -Making the greatest value every moment in your life to the greater affect  for our planet.

A thought for the day:

"Nothing is true or false, everything is the color of the crystal you look through" Author Unknown

Friday, April 12, 2013

A - Z Journey of Self Esteem

Opportunities to focus with intention:

A - appreciate
B - blessings
C - communicate intention
D - detoxify your thoughts
E - it is all expansion
F - forgiveness of self
G - grateful for all things big and small that every day brings
H - hope
I  - inspirational
J - joyful
K - kindness
L - love
M - music of nature
N - nurturing
O - open up to opportunities
P – Infinite possibilities
Q - ask questions
R - receptive
S - soul-utions
T - trust
U - unity
V - voice of silence
W - (I am because) We are
X -  x factor (embrace the unknown)
Y - You
Z - zenith

A thought for the day:

You can begin to develop and strengthen the integrity of our spirit when we listen and trust ourselves.  

Saturday, April 6, 2013


To achieve happiness, is to know your self. To know your self is to know your body, mind and spirit. You can begin to develop and strengthen the integrity of our spirit when we listen and trust ourselves:

Today is the day for showing your:

1) Gratitude. Be grateful for what you have right now. Count your Blessings with the people that surround you in your life. as well as the simple pleasures that every day brings.

Today is the day for:

2) Adapting to changes in life.  So try something new, surprising or different.  We are creatures of habit/routine; we also need variety in our lives. Open up to new opportunities. Open up so you may learn more, and receive more. The world has much more to offer than you can ever imagine. 

Today is the day for:

3) Healthy lifestyle. Your body, mind and spirit all need nourishing.  Being active is good for our physical health-Have Fun Smile and laugh more. It instantly improves our mood. Being passionate about things adds value to your life.

Your sense of who you are determines what you perceive as your needs and what matters to you in life. Embrace the unknown and flow with the mystery that is unfolding in your life. It is my hope that you will unlock something within yourself that propels you to become the great person you were always meant to be.

Life is an open-ended horizon. Nothing is impossible. So dwell in infinite Possibilities.

A Thought for the day: 

The most perfect relationship you will ever have is the one with your self.