Thursday, May 30, 2013

Making A Difference

Every life is a story that must unfold. People have grown used to confirming their lives to a brief silver of time, but it may be that we just go on and on. As one of my teachers would say, our lives are moments tied end to end.

You cannot change the scars that life leaves on you, but you can change their meaning. Take the time to discern what really matters. Prioritize. You are going to have human interactions moments, emotional challenges, but don't be in place of fear. When you are faced with something you cannot change, change your focal point and see if it is something you will change. Putting things into perspective tells you which battles to fight and which ones not to fight.

What matters is that you find the inner well being and contentment. It is you looking for a new insight or a new understanding.

Take life into your hands. Respond instead of react. Take charge. Be committed to change and take steps toward the future. It is not what you do but the emotions behind it.

When there is a crisis pay attention to what is there. You can observe the way you are feeling about a thing, not as a problem or as a judgment but as part of the solution. All actions have an effect.  You do not have to blame anyone else. Recognize your thoughts within and recognize how you are participating in that moment.

There is always a point of self discovery, a point of greater clarity, and a point of newness. It is wondrous. There are infinite possibilities.  Be open and receptive. Change happens in a blink of an eye.

Our world is changing. There is a lot of potential that has not been created yet and will be because you saw it another way. New Doors will open up and wonderful people will enter your lives.

What are you embracing?

A thought for the day:

You will be affected by the effect you have upon the world.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Gut Instincts

At times in our lives, we've all been aware of a "gut feeling" guiding our decisions. Too often, we dismiss these feelings as "hunches" and therefore untrustworthy. Sometimes when you think you're guessing, your brain may actually know better. What is your body trying to tell you?
I discovered that there is a deeper problem at work, not paying attention to one's guts. In other words, not listening to one's instincts. Most people in Western society don't pay much attention to the messages their guts are sending. But, guts can and do “speak” to us and we can learn to listen by paying attention to the solar plexus. We may actually know more than we think we know in everyday situations,

You've probably heard the phrase “gut instincts.” Well we all have gut instincts because research has suggested that we have a “gut brain.” The gut produce neurotransmitters just like the brain. There are also more nerves sending messages from the intestines to the brain than there are nerves sending messages from the brain to the intestines.

The solar plexus is the soft area just underneath the breastbone and above the stomach. This area marks the place where a network of nerves radiating outward in all directions like the rays of the sun, hence, the term solar plexus.

The solar plexus tenses when something is wrong and relaxes when something is all right. The tension makes us hold our breath and the relaxation helps us breathe deeply. I am discerning that the only roadblock to well being are my thoughts of lack or unworthiness. Transform your thoughts into positive magnets for bringing joy into your life.

Listen to your body’s messages with love and compassion.

A thought for the day:

Pain is a signal you need to  go within and listen. What you resist, persists. So when something does not feel right, pay attention. 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Peace and Love

Personal power lies in our thoughts and attitudes. Therefore, form your mind around possibilities, Our task is to contribute the best of our energy to every situation with the understanding our effect.

How you focus, and how you participate in a situation -- Focus on what matters to you, your passion. Yes, you will make mistakes, but pay attention to what matters to you. It is  your drive and force that leads you and helps you decide the choices you make.

Ask yourself: Is there joy, ease and lightness in what I am doing?

Knowing that no situation or person will be exactly the same tomorrow. Change is constant and it is a natural consequence of life. Treasure the way you see the world, it is unique to you. Value it. New beginnings always follow closures. There always is another way., just look, and ask yourself: What can I do differently.

Handle stress with love, respect and integrity. Let go of fear and doubt and life becomes simple and easy. Our words, and emotions impact self and community.

In the spirit of love, I am always grateful that no matter how independent I am, I will never outgrow my need for smiles, hugs and the warmhearted ways of people and animals.

Happy Mother's Day.

A thought for the day:

Life is the school.
Love is the lesson   (my favorite bumper sticker) 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Self Healing

Everyone has problems and sometimes a hug is all you need, the power of a simple hug.

A hug is not a cure all for every situation, but it only takes a hug, a heartfelt and warm embrace to change the lives of others. What does the power of a simple hug mean?

Hugs are affirming, and you are just happier. It feels good within. It is comforting and it creates bonds between individuals. A sense of calm is one of the most commonly experienced results of human touch.

What a wonderful action to take.

Research has shown us, the benefits of human touch have been utilized since the dawn of humankind. Whether it is a massage, a caress or a simple hug, human touch can result in profound and positive psychological effects for people of any age, young or old.

Being touched is a basic human need. It is important to human survival as air, light, water and food. Rooted in the belief that energy flows freely between human beings, making physical contact with another fulfills the fundamental desire to be connected.

A simple touch is an acknowledgment of your presence and your value. Hugs foster community and camaraderie.

Hugging is natural, Hugging is healthy. It is sweet; it has no preservatives, non polluting, non taxable, and is fully refundable and 100% wholesome. Hugs are a big part of my life; it helps me connect with others and share my joy. Hugging is practically perfect. When I reach out and touch someone, it is a way of saying I care. The effects are immediate for both the hugger and the person being hugged. It cost nothing but gives much. Hugs make me feel happier. 

What do you love to do?

Within the medical field, health practitioners understand the importance of touch to help heal patients, The nerves in the body relax allowing the mind to rest and it releases a hormone oxytocin, a hormone thought to calm and counter stress, and it promotes resilience, a stronger immune system. The health benefits of physical touch extend throughout our lives.

Several scientific sources suggest that everyone needs at least four hugs a day for healthy survival, eight hugs a day for emotional strength, and 12 hugs a day to really grow and be empowered.

Let us do our part and change the world with Hugs.

A thought for the day:

“A hug is a universal medicine, it is how we handshake from the heart.”  -Anonymous