Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Life is good

Are you a glass half full person or a glass empty person? I tend to be a glass full gal. 

It is ultimately our attitude. Try taking a moment and reflect on all the good things that have happened in your life. Instead of focusing on what you don't have, focus on what you do have, right now. Try it! Count your blessings. Jot them down. At least stop and think of as many things as you can that you are thankful for right now.

Here is my list:

1. My relationship with everyone I meet(people and animals)
2. My home and the joy of sharing it with others
3. The joy of laughing
4. My relationship with my 3 beautiful cats
5. This new season of my life, where I am living my dream
6. Dark chocolate and that I have enough to eat
7. The fact that I am warm and dry and comfortable
8. The fact that I am healthy, and able to exercise regularly
9. My church and the blessings in my life

Being grateful has a positive impact and affect on the way you think and feel. 

My wish is that this holiday season's attitude of gratitude would be contagious and that people will spread it forward throughout the world. It starts with me and you. Let us make this holiday season a great one by being grateful for things great and small. You do that by making a conscious choice to turn toward positive appreciation. Think of things, people or experiences you are grateful for. 

A thought for the day:

Gratitude is the state of openness to love, to our Source of well Being. 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Reinventing yourself

A thought for the day:

"Nothing is true or false, everything is the color of the crystal you look through." Author Unknown

Honor and and follow the guidance of your heart. Never abstain from who you are; always continue to pursue your passion. Participate with  Life by being the center of everything you do. In other words, keep focused, stay connected, be determined and don't take your mind off it until you have produced it in reality. 

Life is an ode to nature. Life is an ongoing process of creation. Laugh at life, keep the ego under control, set all vanity aside and strut yourself with Dignity and Grace.

I thank you for listening.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Let's be upfront

Self discovery is the greatest joy in life.

What I am recently learning is............... there are issues upon issues. There are situations upon situations and the real valid part is to realize what are my issues. What is important to me and then confront that first before I can confront the external issues.

With that, it is not about making mistakes; it is about taking steps forward. You are a participant with what you do because You are the one that is there. Every event of your life you have experienced and for all of the changes in life that you have experienced you have been there. You make a choice.

If you know self, if you have a nice relationship with self, if you have the capacity to look at yourself and realize that you are a mixture of your life experiences. Right, or wrong, you are sent into this world to be who you are, because only you can do this particular kind of act. WE have nothing to be ashamed of. We have nothing to defend.

I am learning to modify by behavior. I am learning to not over step my boundaries. Every moment we are different. One of the most valuable lessons that I learned is there are likely to be periods when you question all your beliefs.  I find that truth is not something that is stationary. What may be truth for you at this moment may be different the next as you go through different experiences. When we are able to adapt to changes in life at the same time be grounded in ourselves. 

What I gained, Being in the moment and trusting in life’s processes. Through faith, courage and gratitude, I believe we can do anything with a positive attitude. There is unlimited potential in every one of us. Everything worthwhile is a risk.

A thought for the day

“Life is not a thing to be solved. It is a most wondrous mystery to be enjoyed.” The Story Teller

Monday, October 7, 2013

A time to search our hearts

All that any of us really can do is live what we are. Think about what it means to be in the here and now, focused in this precise moment. Each moment is a time for experiences, for choices and reflections.

The most detrimental thing we can do to ourselves is to look for a reason outside of ourselves for why we feel the way we do or for why we blame ourselves in the process.

You will recognize that your emotions, judgments, self worth, and your internal conversations tell us more about ourselves than anyone in the world can tell you. The key to finding peace and being more positive begins by becoming an observer of your own life. And a sense of humor is vital. It is a way to look back at what we have learned with love instead of judgment.

What the future holds for us depends on our state of consciousness now. Being passionate about things adds value to our life. Believing is Being. Even on the darkest of days, it is the spirit of hope that allows us to take another step and to try again and to persevere.

All of us have struggles at some point or another. An attitude of acceptance ‘it is what it is with a sprinkling of faith “this too shall pass will allow you to move through these times of challenges. From this perspective, I see life as such a remarkable and rich experience. Your sense of who you are determines what you perceive as your needs and what matters to you in life.

I recognized that I am a mixture of my life experiences.  Personal power lies in our thoughts and attitudes. What you focus your attention on now will influence what you attract to your life in the future. See the potentials. See the possibilities.– it is our perception, our attitude.

Life is how you make it. The joy of participation is what puts the value in your lives. Trust yourself to make the right choices.

A thought of the day
Celebrate the small gifts you receive today