Sunday, December 29, 2013


Seeing things from a different perspective. Be open to new ideas, new information, and new thoughts. To open up to new opportunities, I never done that but I am interested in learning. I am doing this ….. and I take Joy from it. I am doing this because it is my passion.

Pay attention to what is value to YOU. Your virtues are many. Choose to see what you did right instead of what went wrong. Hope exits. You Can! You Can Be More. There is a sense of purpose. There is an inner peace and a feeling of accomplishment and gratification within. Encourage yourself to take a step of action.

Life is a dance. Life has feet. There is more than your day-to-day life. Look upon things that are important to you. It does not matter what other people think. It is about discernment. Each new situation in life has much more to offer than you can ever imagine. Open up so that you may learn and receive more.  It is okay to make mistakes because other people make the same mistake. You are not alone. It is how you perceive it.

Know the Truth of You. Learn to discover, explore and ask questions Trust YOUrself. Your heart is your impulse. It will be your heart that will intuitively discerns what is and what is not right for you. Pay attention to your sense of purpose, and then let your actions toward that.

There is always another way of doing things. There are Infinite number of choices and infinite number of possibilities. You can do something different.  You can! Everything is a potential. There are no perfect answers. There are no single answers. There are no absolutes. Explore the potentials and recognize we all have skills and experiences.

How you interact with the world. Participate. Joyfully participate. Be a participant in any situation or moment. Experience in the joy of participating. Open your heart to those things that give you joy. Honor the playfulness of Spirit. Enjoy life as much as possible.

A thought for the day:

What do you think you cannot have?’
           What you had,  you had. What you will have, you will have. 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Be Smitten

Life is an ode to nature. Life pays homage to life itself. Your life has strength. It has energy. It has a will all its own. Life moves on it own accord, filled with energies. You will be only where you need to be. You will do only what you need to do. It is understanding self and how we co-mingle with everything. Be aware of the effect you have upon the world. 

Revere life. The joy of being alive, the joy of being able to participate with life. Today we are going to rejoice. We are going to celebrate the fact that no matter how dual life is, it has a good side. Each day is unique and will never repeat itself. 

Go discover. Let life present itself, and you will see how wonderful life is. Enjoy the journey. 

A thought for the day:

"Life is a great bundle of little things" by S.W. Holmes

Friday, December 13, 2013

Trust Self-

All answers are inside you. Have you noticed, we keep searching and searching for "something" when everything is already within us. Embrace all parts of yourself. Trust that you are on a path pursuing your own inner growth and discovery in whatever way that is appropriate for you. There are many layers of truth to understand. See the truth of your inner strengths, see the truth of your inner weaknesses. Learn how your mind attaches so you can learn how to detach. In other words, recognize how you co-mingle with life. Claim responsibility for your actions in whatever way appropriate. It is in the silence that you get the answers.

Enjoy and celebrate life. Honor the child within. Be playful and joyful. Life is a state of ease. Live in balance. We all learn from everyone.

A thought for the day:

A Teaching from one of my teachers' "It is up to me to choose to believe in anything, including believing in myself.