Sunday, January 12, 2014

A toast to you

Life is to be felt. Everything that happens in life has a purpose; even the tiniest ‘stuff’ has a reason for being there that way, at that specific moment and in that exact place. The most detrimental you can be to yourself is looking for reason outside of yourself or blaming yourself in the process. Stop expecting things and stop expecting people to be a certain way. We tend to run away from our emotional needs. Illuminate your heart and mind. Remove all expectations.

What are you committed to?

Celebrate the creative endeavor. Every moment of every day has the potential of creating inside of you a little flutter of excitement as an invitation to Life.

You get to celebrate more accomplishments. Nothing is holding you back to explore. Allow it to be possible. It is a matter of choice. You are supposed to get worn down by life and rebuilt by passion. 

We only know two emotions.  One of them is overwhelming joy and the other one is overwhelming boredom. So be Joyful!  Discover new beginnings, new thoughts, and new situations. Be willing to grow and learn. Each day is an opportunity so that you may have new experiences.

The thought of the day:

"The reality of it is that you are always more than you think you are and you are less than you will be." -by The Story Teller

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Unconditional Love

What do you do to value You? What do you do to regard you?

Everyone wants to be recognized, valued and regarded for what it is. That sentiment in which you are loved for who you are, without restrictions or reservations, together with all your qualities and flaws. Uncondional Love.

And in this way being okay with whom you are. There will never be another you.

There is a natural tendency for us to try to find love outside of ourselves. It just happens that there are others also looking to meet their own needs. We cross one another’s paths through neediness. We need understanding, we need love and we need affection.

And what is wrong here?  You can be happy without outside things. See them as happy things, helps you out of needy.

Allow you to be You. That is significant. Allow a little more tolerance with self. Give yourself the GRACE that it is okay. Everything is of a good benefit. Everything you experience adds to YOU. Nurture the Spirit of YOU.  You be the Source of Love.

A thought for the day:  Are you being a victim of your life or are you being a Creator of your life. Don’t depend on outside stuff, govern yourself. Stop being a victim of life and be a Participant.