Saturday, March 28, 2015

Strong Roots

“The body heals with play, the mind heals with laughter and the spirit heals with joy.” – Proverb

How does body, mind and spirit fit together? 
The body, mind and soul work as a system of energy.  The three are interconnected. We connect our body, mind and soul to keep energy flowing within us. It is not limited to our physical bodies. Everything is composed of energy: biological, chemical and spiritual.This energy flow can be abundant or restricted, depending on our 'state of being' in each moment and it changes constantly.

Our state of being is our overall feeling of health and wellness. It refers to how balanced we feel on all levels of our being. Whether we are happy or sad, sick or well, disconnected from spirit or not, we are either in or out of alignment with who we really are.

Nurture your body, mind and spirit. Make each day count. It is a process (that I learn daily) that involves shifting away from the natural inclination on what is wrong to having a positive mindset focused on your purpose.

When we practice self awareness, even in difficult times, we can see these thoughts for what they are – thoughts. We know that we are the observer of these thoughts and we can choose whether to utilize these thoughts or not. We can choose our intentions.

What it really boils down to is be the best you can be with the resources that you have available to you because what you have to you heralds its own sort of perfection.  When we live in balance with mind, body, and spirit, life flows more naturally, more easily. 

Friday, March 20, 2015


  • I Love Being Me!    

    This is not your typical conversation starter ---but Let me suppose this….. What is the most precious thing you have in the world?

    The greatest gift you can give is to be Yourself – To know Yourself – self awareness. You are exactly as God created you –You are whole and complete – perfect. You are enough. Not because you did, said, thought, bought or created something but just by being on this planet.
    We do not have to do anything unique nor extraordinary ===we just have to allow our self to
    Be.  Now it is just to remember we are enough.


    There is this song that I love, ‘This little light of mine”  I chose this song because of its truth.  When I am feeling self pity and loss, and I sing this song, I am uplifted. It brings me a sense of hope and infinite possibilities. I can look ahead with a new set of eyes – everyday is a new day. A new beginning. When I am at my highest best and I sing this song, I am motivated to be more --Everywhere I go, gonna open up my heart and let it shine.

    Let ME, the beauty of me shine everywhere  -- in my actions, in my words, in my thoughts and in my body language.   I Love Being Me!

    Yes, I have my challenges/obstacles --- Challenges are apart of life – it helps us grow. Life happens through us  Life is to be lived.

    I choose to Look for the good in all that I behold. The amazing part your sense of who you are determines what you perceive as your needs and what matters to you in life.  I am devoting a period of time to pleasure, rest and relaxation this week. How about you!

  • Friday, March 13, 2015


    Spring is in the air and I am loving it!  

    Spring is the season of new beginnings. The spring season is full of transformations. The temperature rises to a more bearable degree. Fresh buds bloom and animals awaken and the earth seems to come to life again. Aside from the weather's transformations that occur in the spring season, we are transforming our lives, too.

    In the dictionary, Spring is a verb, sprang; sprung; springing.
    1. to rise, leap, move, or act suddenly and swiftly, as by a sudden dart or thrust forward or outward,or being suddenly released from a coiled or constrained position:
    to spring into the air; a tiger about to spring.

    When spring rolls into our lives, we start to pick up the slack that winter instilled inside us of becoming sloths. No more lounging on the couch. — in the spring you want to go outside and do more. With longer days and the ability to get out and about, we can all come out of our hibernation and get a bit more active. Spring is a great time to explore.  I hope you will find something that inspires you!

    Sunday, March 1, 2015


    I was in a wonderful workshop on Saturday called "A Joyful Sense of Self".   Joy is feeling good by what you do and think. You want more Joy in your life, see the beautiful truth that everything happens because it is a creation. WE are constantly co-creating. Everyday is a new day.

    We learn from our experiences. See the pain, see your past, see your mistakes as apart of life. It is not feeling fear that stops you, everyone feels fear at times, it is hiding or ignoring your fear that gets in the way. The concealment takes all of your energy and leaves none for enjoying your   life. Make friends with your fear, and then live life. Play with life. You are in control of You. 

    Joy and Happiness is based on your perception. See your life for pleasure and joy - a different way of looking at your life. The greatest possibility today, I make choices from a place of Joy.